Co-Teaching Program
The Co-Teaching (International Teaching) program is one of the efforts by the e-Learning Deanship at King Khalid University aiming at harnessing the potential of e-Learning and distance learning technologies and techniques in order to empower colleges and individuals, fulfil their needs, and address institutional capacity issues.

Objectives :
This specific program is designed to achieve the following objectives:
   1- Address faculty shortage issues in KKU colleges
   2- Raise the quality of education by hiring distinguished faculty from institutions allover the world.
   3- Diversify resources and approaches for a better educational process.
   4- Expose KKU students to different teaching and learning approaches from other parts of the world, and provide them with the opportunity to connect with professionals in different environments.

How it works:
   - Colleges identify their need for faculty members from outside KKU for whatever reasons (faculty shortage, quality,  new experience, etc.)
   - Colleges identify courses to be served and instructors (contact candidates on their own talking about the program without getting into financial or administrative details).
   - College submit their requests to the eLD providing details about the course and the selected instructor.
   - The eLD does all the administrative and financial arrangements with identified instructors.
   - Course is prepared and taught under the academic supervision of the college and with the help of the eLD.

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