Announcement ,

Announcement , The Electronic Training for Faculty Members

The Deanship of e-Learning is inviting the faculty members to register in the electronic training program (e-learning Practitioner Certificate) through Blackboard. 

The program contains four main parts:

  •  Building Courses 
  •  Enhancing communication and Interaction
  •  Student Assessment
  •  Virtual Classroom

Program Details:

  •  Language content: English 
  •  Duration: About two weeks (15 days) 
  •  Total hours estimation expected to finish the program: 12 hours 
  •   Date of program beginning:  22/10/2017
  •  Training method: Asynchronous electronic training through the Blackboard system 
  •  Target group: All the faculty members both male and female who have not gotten e-learning Practitioner Certificate.  

To register in the program (click here)

For more info contact us on or 2418310